Pre-installed mounting boxes with combined FI/LS switch

UGWI is a range of pre-installed mounting boxes for raised floors each with a FI/LS switch, two sockets and a ribbon cable adapter to directly connect ribbon cables.

The new, type-tested UGWI is the only solution available on the market.

In addition to saving a lot of time during installation, the flexibility of the UGWI is a great advantage. Six, ten or sixteen ampere designs with cable lengths of two to three meters, including the option of connecting additional mounting boxes in the installation unit or a subsequent installation unit, ensure that practically every requirement can be implemented without any problems.

It is not only practical but an invaluable asset to be able to use pre-installed solutions rather than mounting boxes that are not equipped and wired until they are on site. This saves a lot of time, increases safety and ensures that schedules are adhered to even on the most challenging sites.

Simple plug connections guarantee user-friendly installation, while the integrated ribbon cable adapter provides an end-to-end solution.

The system consists of installation units with three plates, that can be assigned freely, and mounting boxes, with various assembly options, offering almost unlimited flexibility.

It is thus quite simple to, for example, connect a new UGWI mounting box in series with a standard mounting box that has four sockets within an installation unit and to install an additional data carrier.

Two independent electric circuits can also be installed within an installation unit for standard or EDP networks, for example.

Additional installation units with further mounting boxes per plug connection can also be connected based on a master/slave arrangement.

A maximum level of reliability can be achieved if every workstation is equipped with an installation unit and mounting box with a pre-assembled FI/LS switch. If a faulty electric device triggers the residual current-operated circuit breaker, this only affects the individual installation unit and not the entire floor or building.

Pre-installed, end-to-end solution

Flexible system for demanding requirements

Maximum reliability

Further details and technical information on the plug connector systems are available at.

UGWI-FILS6A (pre-installed mounting boxes with FI/LS switch, 6 A)

UGWI-FILS10A (pre-installed mounting boxes with FI/LS switch, 10 A)

UGWI-FILS16A (pre-installed mounting boxes with FI/LS switch, 16 A)

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